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I’ve always loved making things by hand. In the past, I would have described myself as crafty and quite the DIYer but not as an artist. That all changed about a year ago when I stumbled upon some YouTube videos of artists demonstrating fluid art, commonly referred to as acrylic paint pouring. After watching endless hours of videos, I knew I had to give it a try. The process had me mesmerized and the results were intriguing...and so my journey began.

Acrylic paint pouring was stimulating but relaxing, easy yet incredibly challenging, simple and also complicated. From day one, I was hooked. It was satisfying in a way none of my other hobbies ever were. I couldn’t stop pouring paint! My basement was quickly transformed into a studio and within a few months, canvases of artwork covered the walls. Fluid art had become more than a hobby, it was an obsession.

Creating pieces that were appreciated for their beauty, the artistic technique or the emotional response evoked was fun and rewarding but for me, something was still missing. I started pouring paint on surfaces other than canvas. I was pouring on things like tables, stools, lazy susans and glass. I found that creating artistic designs that are fun, funky and useful was truly exhilarating and so FUNKional Art by Missy was born. FUNKtional Art is unique art with a purpose and reflects the evolution of my artistic journey.

As I continue on my creative journey, I realized that just like the saying that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder', art lives in the heart of the creator and therefore, I am  an artist.

I hope you enjoy my FUNKtional Art.