Fluid art is the process of pouring acrylic paints onto a canvas ( or other surface) to create unique pieces of artwork.
Liquid or soft body acrylic paints are best for paint pouring because of their consistency. There are two options for liquid acrylics; artist quality acrylics or craft acrylics.  Typically, a  pouring medium is added to the paint to improve the fluidity.  There are pre-made pouring mediums and paint extenders available as well as home-made recipes.
Dozens…..and new techniques are created every day by fluid art enthusiasts!  Many of the techniques are defined by the process. Examples include Straight Pour, Dirty Pour, Flip Cup, Open Cup, Dutch Pour, Ring Pour, Galaxy Pour, Swipe, Bloom Technique, Ninja Swipe, Kiss, Dip and Reverse Dip and Injection. Other techniques are defined by the ‘tool’ being used. Some of these include: Funnel Pour, Bottle Bottom, Sink Strainer, Balloon, and Mallet Smash.  
There are books available but in my opinion, the best way to learn more about the art of paint pouring is to look up YouTube videos. There are a variety of artists that have technique videos and tutorials that you can watch at your convenience.

There are also numerous Paint Pouring Groups on FaceBook where enthusiasts share their work, their frustrations and their questions. The groups are very supportive and include fluid artists of all levels.

You can also contact me, via the contact tab, with questions or for information on private lessons.
Yes. Paint can be poured on almost anything if the medium is prepared properly. FUNKtional Art includes mediums like wood, glass, mirrors, ceramic and more!
Yes, I provide private lessons in my home or via video. Use the contact form to request information.